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Ready to love dinnertime again?

The 4 Week Real Food, Comfort Food Meal Plan will have you sighing with relief at dinnertime instead of pulling your hair!

  • 4 weeks of healthy recipes your fam will gobble up = LESS STRESS
  • 4 weeks of done-for-you grocery lists = MORE MONEY
  • 4 weeks of meal prep guidance = MORE TIME

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"This meal plan is literally gold. I loved the printable grocery list and the meal prep ideas! Saved me so much time!" -Rebecca

Have you been there too?

  • Staring inside the fridge at 5:27 pm waiting for inspiration to strike. You shut the door and open the pantry. Still nada. *the kids are starting to whine* You shut the pantry and open the fridge again frantic to come up with something that sounds good. Still nothing.
  • You hop on Pinterest hoping to liven up your dinners which have reached a historically bland and boring high. You begin scrolling. You keep scrolling. You click on a recipe. You don't have that ingredient. Back to scrolling...scrolling...scrolling...wait! How is it 6:00 already!? Time to order pizza.
  • It's time to get groceries, but you forgot until now so you're gonna have to wing it at the grocery store.... mask on....eggs. milk. bread....what else do you need? You aimlessly plop a few things in the cart. You're irritated and distracted and just. want. to. get. out. of. this. store.
  • You grab a can of LaCroix from the fridge and notice a pyrex container in the back growing something green. Yuck! You hate wasting food, but the leftover pile is growing faster than you are using it.

The Real Food Comfort Food Meal Planning Bundle FREES YOU to focus on the things you LOVE, instead of being consumed with the "What's for dinner?" DRAMA.

Hi there! I’m Katie– a busy mom of three kids just trying to live my life with joy + intention. With a grade schooler, preschooler, and toddler underfoot I KNOW how time consuming getting a healthy dinner on the table can be!

I create this digital bundle for myself! It's my tested real food recipes and organizational system to meal planning that makes MY life easier and I hope it makes yours easier too!

I can’t hire you a babysitter or make you dinner, but I CAN give you simple tools and easy plan to give you back valuable time to spend with your family instead of stressing over “what’s for dinner tonight?”

Imagine if you could...

  • Have a plan for grocery shopping that saves you hours!
  • Know that you are feeding your family real food dinners that taste AMAZING!
  • Organize your meal times so you spend less time in the kitchen!
  • Prep once for the week so you always have healthy snacks on hand.
  • Get out of the trap of endless decision making that only wears you out!
  • ALWAYS have an answer to the question: "What's for dinner tonight?"

"Loved having this and the grocery list was amazing. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to take the guess work out of supper!" -Lauren

Tried + True Healthy Recipes

4 weeks of healthy and easy to make dinner recipes that the whole family will love!

4 weeks of delicious, healthy comfort food recipes filled with real food ingredients your whole family will love!

Crockpot, oven recipes, and stove top dinners! These are simple recipes with ingredients you will recognize and taste you will love!

Plus ideas for healthy side dishes for each meal (one less thing to think about for you!) and instructions on using leftovers for lunches!

Ready-to-Go Grocery Lists

Each week’s plan gets you ahead of the game with ready-to-go grocery lists!

Printable ready-to-go, completely filled in with all you need grocery lists for each week.

A blank printable grocery list so you can make your own meal planning lists after the four weeks are over!

Plus printable meal planning pages so you can continue to create healthy and delicious meal plans for your family!

Step-by-Step Meal Prep Guide

Step by step meal prep guide to get a jump on making healthy dinners each week!

A not-so-scary, step by step meal prep day guide to end dinnertime stress, and get a healthy dinner on the table no matter how busy your week is!

Plus, meal prep recipes for breakfast and snacks! You need filling breakfasts and yummy, healthy snacks all ready to go!

You can create delicious, real food dinners without the stress!

Say goodbye to dinnertime drama now that you have a FRAMEWORK to help you plan, prepare, shop, and cook for healthy family meals!


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